First day

Today, our 27th International Fair of Fictitious Companies, which this year takes place online in the Gather Town application, officially began.

At 8:00 a.m., the fair opened successfully.
The following guests were present:
Deputy Education Section of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, Mr. Mgr. Jan Mareš, Councilor for Education of the City of Prague, Mr. PhDr. Mgr. Vít Šimral, Ph.D. et Ph.D., then the director of our school OA Heroldovy sady, Mr. Mgr. Richard Žert, head of the center of fictitious companies in the Czech Republic, Mr. Ing. Lukáš Hula, and was also present from the Department of International Trade of the Metropolitan University of Prague, Mr. Ing. Radek Maxa, Ph.D.

After the start, presentations of individual companies followed. There was also an interesting cultural program full of lectures, which was supplemented by mini-competitions. You can also attend them tomorrow.

Throughout the day, the companies present traded briskly with each other.

The whole fair was accompanied by Nicole Maříková and Petr Batěk, whom you can look forward to in the next two days.

Sending packages

We have already sent you all your prizes, certificates and diplomas. They are on their way to you.

Third day

The third day and also the last day of the online fair went great. The fair was opened again at 8:00 by our moderator duo

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