Second day

The second day of our 27th International Online Fair of Fictitious Companies was a success.

As on the previous day, it started at 8 p.m.

You had the honor to listen to interesting lectures, watch beautiful presentations and take part in the announcement of the competition 90 seconds in the elevator. You could take part in a competition in Kahoot, which tested your knowledge about the world.

Throughout the day, the companies present actively traded with each other.

Nicol Maříková and Petr Batěk accompanied you again during the fair.

Tomorrow we will announce competitions and results of the entire fair.

Sending packages

We have already sent you all your prizes, certificates and diplomas. They are on their way to you.

Third day

The third day and also the last day of the online fair went great. The fair was opened again at 8:00 by our moderator duo

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