Antre, s. r. o., is a student firm which has a long tradition at our school. The idea to realise the International Trade Fair of Student Firms was born in 1993. Everything started by establishing a new student firm – ANTRE – following a proposal by student Michal Dufek. At that time, student firms in the Czech Republic were being helped by the Austrian central office ACT. Antre was also inspired by other foreign firms. Thenceforth, Antre’s aim was to organize its own Trade Fair of Student Firms. The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports supported the idea by providing money from the budget of EU PHARE programme. In March 1995, the first Trade Fair of Student Firms was held – 60 Czech student firms participated in it. The organisation of the first Trade Fair required a lot of hard work and enthusiasm, as well as a bit of good luck.

In the course of time, more and more domestic and foreign student firms participated in the trade fair. The record number was registered in 2008, when 202 firms took part in the trade fair, out of which 104 were foreign ones. Most often, these were represented by students from Slovakia, Austria, Italy, Germany, Romania, Finland, Belgium, and Russia.

The realisation of the Trade Fair of Student Firms is not simple because the employees of Antre are students of the fourth classes who are preparing for the school-leaving exam. Every September, a new team comes into existence with strictly allotted roles for its staff.

At the head of Antre is the director, his/her deputies and the press agent.  The secretariat, departments of marketing, web technologies and accounting department cooperate with each other closely. The main objective of these teams is to find participants and sponsors of the Trade Fair, arrange for the premises and banking services, prepare the programme of the Trade Fair and organise competitions, etc.

Every year, the student firm MediaArt Ltd. (Acamedia Ltd. earlier) and other student firms operating at our school help to organise the Trade Fair. They organise accompanying competitions and make memorial sheets that each participating firm gets. Students from lower grades are also involved in the preparation of the Trade Fair – they are often so absorbed by the atmosphere that they want to enter Antre the next year so as to organise the Trade Fair themselves.

So far, 27th Trade Fairs of Student Firms have been realized and we are looking forward to the forthcoming 28th Trade Fair which will be held from 22rd to 23rd March 2023.

More information about history of Antre, s. r. o., such as the year, foreign exhibitors and directors, are available on our website.

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